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Crystal Renay Says She Will Not Getting Back With Ne-Yo

Crystal Renay says ‘there are no chances’ she’s getting back with Ne-Yo. They are never, ever, ever getting back together.

Crystal Renay insists the chances of her reconciling with her estranged husband, Ne-Yo, are non-existent.

“There are no chances,” she told an inquiring TMZ paparazzo outside Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.

“Certain things can’t be forgiven, but God will forgive, and one day so will I,” she added, explaining that she feels “the Christian in [her] has to [forgive] one day.”

Renay, who appeared upbeat and ringless in the clip, noted that the two are “moving on to better lives.”

Earlier this month, the model, 36, filed for divorce from the singer, 42, alleging he had “recently fathered” a child with his “paramour” amid previous infidelity claims.

Renay listed the pair’s date of separation as July 22 and called their marriage “irretrievably broken with no hope for reconciliation.”

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