'“Chori Karke Achcha Laga,” Thief’s Replies To Cop’s Query

Laga,” Thief’s Replies To Cop’s Query

There must have

been times when you may have regretted doing something in your life and in

A video

has been shared on the micro-blogging site Twitter by a journalist in which Durg Superintendent

Abhishek Pallava

is seen interrogating the thief in a room in which many other police officers are

The thief said

that he felt good initially after stealing but later on he regretted it (“Chori

the cop

then asked him why he felt bad to which the thief said that he did

The police

officer asked the thief how much he got by stealing and the thief replied that

10,000 and

when cop asked him how he used that money, the thief said that he used that

लेकिन बाद में

पछतावा हुआ 😁 pic

Some police officers

were heard using the word Robinhood for the thief and majority of them laughed

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