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Bryce Hall & Austin McBroom’s Complete Feud Timeline

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom’s Complete Feud Timeline: From TikTok to Their Boxing Match

The boxing match that sparked a thousand memes! Internet stars Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom’s longtime feud came to a head in June 2021

 when they finally stepped into the ring and sorted out their issues. However, the drama between them lasted longer than just a few rounds.

Hall is a TikTok superstar who rose to fame after gaining a massive following on Musically — which has since become TikTok — Vine and YouNow. 

While he’s had a few controversies in the past, the internet personality is also known for founding the now-defunct Sway House

which included fellow social media influencers, including Noah Beck, Josh Richards and Blake Gray.

Prior to flaunting his single status, Hall also made headlines for his on-again, off-again romance with Addison Rae.

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