'Bollywood Actress Sunny Leone’s Photo Printed On Karnataka TET

Leone’s Photo Printed On Karnataka TET

Bollywood actress Sunny

Leone is one of the most popular celebrities of the present times

Recently, a weird

incident took place in a college in Karnataka where a candidate produced her hall

The matter

came into light in Rudrappa College where the candidate appeared for Karnataka Teachers’ Eligibility Test (

As the issue

came into the notice of the Principal of the college, he registered a complaint

As per

the police, the mistake is made at the time of uploading the documents and photo

He police

confirms that the candidate has told them she hasn’t filled the application form online

Congress has alleged

that it's fault of KA education dept, which govt has refuted

However, the candidate

said, she took help of husband's friend in filling up forms and uploading photo

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(@Gk_India33) November 9, 2022

The department adds

that media is trying to show them in the bad light but they have

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