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Big Ten Rolls Out $7+ Billion TV Media Rights Deal

Big Ten Rolls Out Multi-Network, $7-Plus Billion TV Media Rights Deal

The sprawling, multi-dimensional deal speaks to the current nature of college athletics, and the Big Ten just put itself in the lead of the revenue race.

The long-awaited Big Ten media rights deal is now official and, as anticipated, it is a revenue geyser: a seven-year agreement with multiple broadcast partners

worth more than $7 billion plus escalators, sources told. The back-loaded deal, which begins in 2023, averages out to more than $1 billion annually.

The agreement with Fox, CBS and NBC comes with this caveat from a Big Ten source: “We are not done expanding.”

What that means—in terms of timetable, potential expansion targets and the overall stability of college athletics—was left unsaid.

 It could be posturing to keep the rival Southeastern Conference and others off-balance, or it could be an indication, as Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said in July

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