'Bengaluru Techie Applied For A Job In Google Every

For A Job In Google Every

We are talking

about Advin Roy Netto who is from Bengaluru and a digital designer by profession

Currently, Advin

is working as a UX designer in the biggest search giant Google and for him,

After getting

a job in Google, Advin made a post on Instagram around a week ago in

He also

posted a video in which he showed how his mother and wife reacted when he

In 2013, Advin’s

father asked him about his dream job and in reply the Bengaluru techie stated

His father

is not with him now but Advin has dedicated this achievement to his father and

The techie shared

his story as per which he was applying in Google since 2013 every year without

He added

that after getting failed every year, he used to check his resume and tried to

He further wrote

that he always wanted to work in a company where he could make an

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