'Ashwin Hits Out At David Hussey For Comment Of

At David Hussey For Comment Of

We are talking

about the match which was played between Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades

When things

seemed to settle down, the coach of Melbourne Stars made things uglier by saying that

Now, the Indian

spinner Ravichandran Ashwin who was at the center of controversy after he mankaded Jos

While speaking

on his channel, Ashwin says that he is really tired of talking or writing about

Ashwin further says

that many will talk about the legality of the dismissal and various other things

but the

thing to be noted is that when he was about to bowl, just then the

He further

says that this is a big benefit in T20I as in this format, batters

Ravichandran Ashwin also

slammed the coach of Melbourne Stars, David Hussey for his statement that he would

Ashwin says

that he doesn’t believe Hussey at all because if he really wanted to withdraw

Ashwin asked

why in the first place he wanted to withdraw the appeal and if he had

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