'Are Credit Cards better than Debit Cards?

better than Debit Cards?

Credit cards and

debit cards have reduced the dependency on hard cash and have eased online, contactless

Thereby, most

of us, whether salaried or self-employed, have at least one of these cards

While debit

cards are used to access the funds available in your bank account, credit cards allow

Additionally, credit

cards offer multiple advantages like rewards, cashback, lounge access, insurance covers, etc

To understand

the benefits of credit cards over debit cards, let us first understand the basic differences

Based on

the comparison between credit cards and debit cards, you must note that credit cards can

Since a debit

card grants you the access to the funds in your bank account, it is

For credit

cards, instead of a bank account, you must have a good credit score and history

Some card

issuers also offer credit cards to those who are new to credit

Credit cards

give you additional purchasing power, which allows you to make purchases even when you do

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