'“Anurag Didn’t Direct Me In Dev D, It Wasn’t

Me In Dev D, It Wasn’t

While 59

people lost their lives in this tragedy, 103 got seriously injured due to the stampede which took

In response

to the question whether he has worked with directors who had no idea as to

Abhay gave the

example of “Dev D” and said that Anurag Kashyap didn’t direct him in

Abhay stated

that he came up with an idea for the role based on the character that

He further

said that Anurag allowed him to do what he wanted and didn’t say anything

Abhay Deol and

Anurag Kashyap worked together only in one movie, i

, “Dev D”

but after that, they never worked together again because of the strained relationship between them

Anurag also

stated that though Abhay wished to work in artistic movies, he also wanted luxuries of

After Anurag Kashyap

made these allegations against Abhay Deol, the latter denied them and called the former

Though they

both are not on talking terms now, their association gave us a wonderful movie – “Dev

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