'After Getting Stuck In Traffic, Bride Ditches Car &

In Traffic, Bride Ditches Car &

Traffic jam is

one of the biggest problems in India especially in the big cities such as

but there

is one way to avoid traffic jam and that is opting for metro trains or

The problem of

traffic jams increases further in wedding seasons as the barat processions also plays an

However, what

should a bride or groom do if they get stuck in traffic while going to

Whatte STAR!! Stuck

in Heavy Traffic, Smart Bengaluru Bride ditches her Car, & takes Metro to reach

— Forever Bengaluru

💛❤️ (@ForeverBLRU) January 16, 2023

The video went

viral and people started applauding the bride; however, there were also few who felt

Nevertheless, the

majority praised her and called her smart Kannada girl

She will live

a happy life… This smart thinking will ensure it…

— Krishna Sathyanarayana

🇮🇳 (@krishna_sathya) January 19, 2023

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