'“Aa Gaya Swaad?” Ramiz Raja’s Sacking As PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja’s Sacking As PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja, the

chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has reportedly been sacked or will be sacked

Najam Sethi resigned

from post of the PCB chairman when Imran Khan’s government came into power

As the news

of Ramiz Raja went public, netizens wasted no time in expressing their opinions on

While few

people did not agree with the sacking of Ramiz Raja, some even shared funny jokes

cricket return

to Pakistan & especially that World XI tour

😍👏 مگر اس سب

کے باوجود رمیز راجہ کو عہدے سے ہٹانا زیادتی ہے ان کو اپنا وقت پورا کرنے دیں ۔۔#najamsethi#ramizraja

Odd day Ramiz

Raja: Pakistan will not go to India for 2023 world cup

Ramiz Raja exiting

the PCB also means Ramiz Raja returning as commentator

The man who

invented PSL is making a comeback ❤️#najamsethi #ramizraja #PakvEng pic

Yeh Toh Billion

Dollar Cricket Board Ko Harane Ki Baat Kar Rahe The

Company Mistakenly Pays Employee

Rs 1.4 Cr Which Is 286