'82-Yr Old Man’s Energetic Dance On “Abhi Toh Party

Energetic Dance On “Abhi Toh Party

A video is

going viral on the Internet in which an 82 years old man is seen dancing

There are

times when we lose confidence and feel low, in such situation videos like this not

The video was

shared almost 3 months ago and the elderly person who can be seen dancing vibrantly

The song

on which the elderly person is shaking his legs is “Abhi toh party shuru hui

Though the

movie fell flat on the box-office, this song was loved by music lovers and was

What makes this

video more entertaining is the fact that not just his dance moves but the

70 lakh likes

till now and the count will certainly increase as we need to share it more

Here is the

video that will fill you with energy and enthusiasm:

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