'8 Most Popular Voice-Over Artists Of India You Should

Voice-Over Artists Of India You Should

This is an

era when content from all over the world is delivered to us through television

The artists

who lend their voices to the characters of web series, serials or movies are called

Today we will

let you know about some of the most popular voice-over artists of India:

The first name

on this list is of the man who gives his voice to the most

Yes, we

are talking about Atul Kapoor who gives instructions to participants as Bigg Boss in the

Atul was

a small time actor and started as a voice-over artist in 2002 but he got his

Other than

Bigg Boss, Atul Kapoor has given his voice to Hindi versions of popular Hollywood movies

Richa Nigam is

known for her husky voice and she has been associated with various brands such

Harish Bhimani is

one of the most famous voice-over artists of India as he was the voice

Shammi Narang became

famous after he started reading news at Doordarshan, the only channel of 1970-80s

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