'8 Ideas to Save Money on Flights and Hotels

Save Money on Flights and Hotels

Who doesn’t love

snatching a good deal when planning their next trip? If you know where

That of course

means you’ll get to boost your budget for souvenirs, go on that extra

Make sure

you don’t skip any of the tips below and you’re guaranteed to save

Hotels that have

just opened or are about to open often offer up to 25% off their regular

While this

is not a risk-free strategy — as you won’t be able to base your decision

If you’re lucky

to have flexible dates for travelling, don’t forget to search for several

Fares range

widely within a year and sometimes even in the same month

Using your credit

card to pay your bills and even daily expenses is a really smart move,

Agents need to

add a markup to travel fares in order to make money, so the more

It’ll be

slightly more time-consuming but will save you a decent amount of money

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