'24-Yr Woman Fell In Love With 50-Yr Bus Driver

In Love With 50-Yr Bus Driver

During an interview,

Shehzadi stated that she used to travel from Channu to Lahore in the bus

However, she

jokingly added that earlier Sadiq was very well-mannered and he used to talk less but

Shehzadi went on

to say that she also liked the old songs that Sadiq used to listen

Over time,

she felt that she loves him and when she expressed her feelings to Sadiq, he

On the other

hand, Sadiq stated that he used to see Shehzadi listening to the old songs

Shehzadi still

travels with Sadiq in his bus but now she helps her husband as a bus

Well, that is

certainly a unique love story and we wish all the best to the couple

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