'महिला टीचर ने स्टूडेंट के साथ क्लास में किया

स्टूडेंट के साथ क्लास में किया


of these videos are quite popular on social media as they are dance videos


we will discuss about another popular viral dance video

Actually, the video

is from a school where a girl can be seen dancing in the classroom


little girl is enjoying it very much wearing a bright green uniform


girl is dancing and her teacher is looking at her with pleasure


rest of the children sitting there are also clearly enjoying the dance of this girl

People are very

fond of this little girl and her teacher's lavish dance on social media


why the dance video of both of them is becoming very viral on social media

To see the

dance of this teacher and little girl, you can watch it in the video

English lang teaching

followed by some Haryanvi music- A glimpse of the fag end of our school

गोरी रानी का डांस

देख आप भी हो जाएंगे फ़िदा,