'गोरी रानी का डांस देखकर पागल हुआ ताऊ, मंच

डांस देखकर पागल हुआ ताऊ, मंच


of these videos are dance too, which are quite popular on social media


we will discuss one such very popular viral dance video

Where stage dance

performance is happening under a function at one place


this video, famous Haryanvi dancer Gori Rani is seen dancing to the Haryanvi song 'JD Dhoka


Gori Rani is seen doing a tremendous dance wearing an orange suit

People are sitting

there watching its dance and are seen enjoying it very much

All the people

sitting there are seen enjoying this dance of Gori Rani very much


those people are also seen making videos of this fair queen dancing


people like this fair queen very much while dancing and are also seen looking at money

This dance performance

video of Gori Rani is being liked very much by the people on social

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