SRH vs PKS IPL 2022

“He’s going to be one of India’s leading all-rounders,” Shastri told ESPNcricinfo’s analysis program T20 Time:Out. “He is the future. You have [Ravindra] Jadeja today. Three years later, if Jadeja is still fit, he will play. There is Axari [Patel] around. But this guy is your foremost all-rounder in all three formats of the game. Hear what I say. Three formats of the game.

“This man is a serious cricketer. He is very young, he needs to understand his own game, how good a player he is. The selection of shots will come, especially for the white ball format.” [If he] working on his condition so that he is not prone to injury, India has a serious cricketer in him. In all formats of the game. I think it’s up to him to push his limits in terms of fitness. No excuses. He cannot depend on X, Y, Z. He has to look at himself in the mirror and say I want to work hard and be the leading all-rounder in Indian cricket for the next three years. And he can. Simple.”

Shastri said Washington, 22, fit easily into the Test side but needed some work on his stroke in T20s. “T20 is shot selection again,” said Shastri. “In Test cricket in the future he can take that number 6 position, 6 or 7. He hits where he goes as the batting all-rounder. Abroad he can bowl you those overs in the place of a specialist spinner and that In India he can bat on No 6. You can play two extra spinners, that’s how important he is as a player.

“In T20 cricket he can bowl. No problem with his bowling. It’s just understanding which player, which heights are. Batting. It’s his shot selection, the skill is there. Danny [Vettori] called that strike [Kagiso] rabada. How many people can play that shot? I know the Wankhede Stadium well. If it hits halfway through that top layer, on the outside, of a fast bowler, off the back foot, that’s an incredible shot. The man can play shots. When I saw that shot, I thought of the hook he played on Pat Cummins at the Gabba. Those six when we were hunting. That shot went back 10-15 rows. This man has the ability. He should be well taken care of, educated about how good he is. Especially when it comes to the selection of shots. He’s a serious cricketer, that boy.”

Vettori, the co-panellist, said Washington needed more time in first-class cricket to become that number 6 batter. “He sometimes has the technique of someone who doesn’t support himself to hit the big balls,” Vettori said. “You see how much space he gives himself and goes backwards. But Ravi is right, the skills are there. He can really stand still and still have the power to hit him. I have a question, see someone like Jadeja who has built his batting around first-class cricket He’s faced thousands upon thousands of balls Will Washington Sundar get enough first-class cricket to develop his batting?

“Because all the tailender batters that have gone from say No. 8 or No. 7 to a true No. 6, it’s on the back of thousands upon thousands of runs in domestic cricket. And Jadeja is the best example. Maybe not running “But the chance. And if Washington is always on the whiteball team, always on a big squad, he may never get that chance. It comes at the cost of his agility.”

Shastri said Washington needed not only first-class experience, but also the upper-middle class. “I had a conversation with Washy when I was a coach,” said Shastri. “I said you can bat in front of you no later than number 4. You are good enough at that level to get hundreds. You know what domestic cricket dishes are. There are many people trying to occupy 1, 2, 3, 4 who aren’t good enough Here’s a guy hitting 6 on his debut, getting a 70 against Australia and then a 90 against England to win us the series. These are serious innings under pressure. If you can do it for India, at that number, he should fight for his state no later than 4, okay 5 at the latest, but no later than that.”

Washington has only played 17 first-class games, four of which were exhibition games. Even when he made his debut for India, he hadn’t played first-class cricket in over three years. Since then, he has yet to play a first-class match for Tamil Nadu, but he also spends a lot of time touring with the Indian whiteball teams. The last 18 months have been tough for him with an injury threatening him out of the T20 World Cup and then a split webbing in the middle of the IPL may have cost him a chance at the roster in India.

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