Sourav Ganguly says Virat Kohli needs to find a way to score again, Ashish Nehra wants him to take a break

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly believes Virat Kohli must “find his way” to score points again, while former Indian fast Ashish Nehra, who worked with Kohli at Royal Challengers Bangalore, says it won’t hurt him to take a break to fresh come back later.

Kohli is already equipped for the ODIs and T20Is in the West Indies, meaning he will be out of action for almost a month.

“Yeah, he’s had a hard time and he knows it,” Ganguly told ANI. “He knows himself that it has not been good by his own standards and I see him coming back and doing well. But he has to find his way and become successful, which he has been for the past 12-13 years or more and only Virat Kohli is that possible.

“These things will happen in sports. It happened to everyone. It happened to Sachin [Tendulkar]it happened to Rahul [Dravid], it happened to me, it happened to Kohli. It’s going to happen to future players. That’s part of sport and I think as an athlete you just have to listen, be aware of what it is and just play your game.”

Kohli has been in a meager patch in several formats in recent years, with his last international century in November 2019. After a subpar run in IPL 2022, he scored 11 and 20 in the Edgbaston test earlier this month, followed by 1 and 11 in the second and third T20Is against England. A minor groin injury forced him out of the first ODI and it is unclear if he will play the second game on Thursday.

Recently, former India captain Kapil Dev added to the growing chorus that Kohli’s place in the Indian T20I XI was questioned, especially with a number of in-form players battling for a place in the squad. Nehra said Kohli should keep such discussions out of his mind and focus only on his game.

“If you don’t play, there will be discussions, even if you’re not a player of Kohli’s caliber,” Nehra said in a virtual interaction for Sony Sports Network. “When you’re broadcasting, newspaper, it’s printed every day and when you play, you try to focus on your game and don’t listen to the so-called outside voices of people outside the locker room. It’s important how you are in the locker room and how your teammates, management and selectors support you We are talking about a man like Virat Yes it does not say anywhere that Virat Kohli will continue to play for India even if he does not score points That will not happen but if you’ve done so much in the past, you always get extra opportunities.”

“I believe even the last two and a half or whatever for a long time, although he may not have gotten the hundreds, I still believe he strikes beautifully.”

R Ashwin

While many former players, including former India coach Ravi Shastri, suggested Kohli needed a break from cricket, Kohli said he could take some time to rejuvenate himself. He was equipped for the first T20I against England after the Edgbaston test and will not be part of the limited-overs series in the West Indies from 22 July.

Nehra agreed that a break was desperately needed and hoped that “another Virat Kohli” would make an appearance for the Asian Cup.

“Everyone knows what you’ve done and what talent you have. At the age of 33-34, fitness is not a problem for him. Everyone is hopeful that Virat Kohli will be well, the sooner the better. Let’s hope we have another Virat after the West Indian series If he rests for a month or five weeks it will help him and every player will be under pressure if you don’t score points especially the kind of player Virat has been It’s not only been 1-2 series, it’s been, you can say 12 months.

“Rest is okay, you just played the IPL and then the test, white ball cricket, so it’s good to see Virat getting a break. A break doesn’t mean a week break or a three-week break. If you come back to Asia Cup, you come back fresh.”

Up close, Indian offspinner R Ashwin said Kohli has been hitting “beautifully” in recent years despite what the numbers say, calling his energy on the pitch “contagious”.

“The more he is in the game and the more charged he is, the better he can hit,” Ashwin continued. The Vaughany and Tuffers Cricket Club podcasting. “And I believe that even for the last two and a half or whatever for a long time, although he may not have gotten the hundreds, I still believe he strikes beautifully. The way he strikes it seems like he probably has a double hundred in the last it can happen sometimes, as a batter or cricketer you may be bowling well but the wickets are taken by someone else.

“His energy is very contagious. Sometimes bowling in India – like recently we had a few practice matches, I don’t remember exactly – he didn’t play those games and I actually missed him on the pitch. The kind of energy he brings to the table The guy who’s short midwicket, who stops singles, looking for those catches…that’s exactly what makes him. He loves it, and when he does, he definitely hits better too, and that’s my take on it.”

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