Riyan Parag Opens Up On ‘Death Stare’ With RR Teammate

Rajasthan Royals youngster Riyan Parago has grown serious about his played-out episode with partner Ravichandran Ashwin provoking public anger during the recently concluded Indian Premier League (IPL).

During the Qualifier-1 of the 10-team rivalry at Eden Gardens, Rajasthan saw two running out of apologies against Gujarat Titans with a stranger in the last left of the innings. With the last ball still to be thrown, Parag sauntered in next as Ashwin batted. Still, bowler Yash Dayal threw a wide ball, sending Parag rushing to the other end.

Titans goalkeeper Wriddhiman Saha collected the ball and hoisted it back to the bowler who completed the runout. The excuse left Parag stunned as he walked away out of spite. Ashwin eventually oversaw two runs of the final ball, while Rajasthan finished 188 for six.

Riyan Parag. (Photo: IPL)

Ravichandran Ashwin apologized after the incident: Riyan Parag

The video of the episode became a social media web sensation in a matter of seconds, and Parag was pulverized for his gaze on his slamming accomplice.

Not failing to show his sense on the pitch, Parag focused on the incident and said Ashwin should have gone for the single as he didn’t have a tail on the non-striker’s end. He also said that the senior spinner even apologized later.

Riyan Parag is bounced by Ravichandran Ashwin (Image Credits: Twitter)
Riyan Parag gets bounced by Ravichandran Ashwin (Image Credits: Twitter)

“It would have been fine if Ashwin was hitting tailender. He should run when I’m hitting. I was shocked. I stared at him once and walked back.

Later, Ashwin came up to me and said sorry because at that moment he was thinking something and didn’t run away. But you will all create something like Riyan Parag Ravichandran gives Ashwin ‘death stare,’ he said during a game stream on Rooter.

Riyan Parag recalls the incident against RCB in IPL 2022

Parag also spoke about his much-discussed battle in IPL 2022 with Royal Challengers Bangalore pacer Harshal Patel. The 20-year-old from Assam hit the bowler for 18 runs in the last over, eventually leading to a verbal altercation towards the end of the innings. Parag discovered that he was approached to act like a youngster by pacesetter Mohammed Siraj.

Riyan Parag and Harshal Patel (Image Credit: Twitter)
Riyan Parag and Harshal Patel (Image Credit: Twitter)

“Last year Harshal Patel sent me away when we played against RCB. I walked back. Then he waved his hand and told me to leave. I didn’t see that on the spot. I saw that when I went back to the hotel and saw the rerun. It’s stuck in my mind ever since,” remembers Parag.

“Now when I hit him (Harshal) in the last over, I did the same gesture. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t take advantage. But then Siraj called me. Harshal said nothing.

“When the innings were over, Siraj called and said, ‘Hey, come here, come here’. He said: ‘you are a child, act like a child’. I told him, ‘bhaiya, I’m not saying anything to you’. By then, players from both teams came and that’s where it ended. Later, Harshal didn’t shake my hand. which I thought was a bit immature,” Parag continued.

Rajasthan finished second in the tournament after losing to IPL novices Gujarat in the final in Ahmedabad. Jos Buttler, who equaled Virat Kohli’s record of four centuries in one IPL season, was named Player of the Competition, while leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal took the Purple Cap.

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