“Remains an integral part of our battle lineup”: Rahul Dravid on Rishabh Pant

The five-game T20I run between India and South Africa ended 2-2 after the series decider was halted on Sunday at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, due to rain. Only 3.3 overs were possible in the game and India managed to post 28/2 in that time. South Africa had won the first two T20Is, but Team India managed to make a comeback in the next two, to tie the series at 2-2.

Team India head coach Rahul Dravid addressed a press conference after the final T20I was abandoned due to rain and he talked about the form of Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Dinesh Karthik and the kind of cricket his side wanted to play.

When asked about his thoughts on Rishabh Pant’s captaincy, the 52-year-old said: “It was good. To take a team from 0-2 to 2-2 with a chance to win the series is good Captainship isn’t just about wins and losses you can’t do that I think he’s a young captain and he’s growing and learning Too early to judge him it’s not something you want to do after a series or a few matches But it’s fun he’s had the chance to show that He’s getting an understanding of what it’s like to lead, hold and hit so it’s very taxing on him It’s a matter learn from him and take advantage of it. Credit to him, he was able to work with the team.”

“When you’re in the middle overs and you ask people to play some more attacking cricket, looking for the game, sometimes it’s very hard to judge based on 2-3 matches. I thought he ( Pant) had a pretty good IPL, in terms of you know, it may not look good in averages, but I thought his strike rate was good in the IPL. In that process, he can go wrong, but he remains an integral part of our with the strength he has and what he can do. He’s had some good shots, personally he would have liked to score a few more points but it’s not too worrying. He’s definitely part of our plans to in the coming months.”

Talking about the form of Shreyas Iyer and Ruturaj Gaikwad, Dravid said: “Yeah, we’re not going to make any hasty reactions to people, I don’t like judging people after one series or one game. I had a chance here, really deserved the chance They deserved it, in this format of the game you are going to have good games and bad games Shreyas Iyer he showed a lot of intention on some tricky wickets and played positively for us Ruturaj showed in one turn the quality and skill he In 20-20 you can play strange games, where it goes up and down a bit, your form and performance. We are not disappointed with anyone, as a group we wanted to play a certain kind of cricket,” Dravid said at a press conference.

“We were looking for a somewhat positive and attacking cricket brand from the start. It won’t always work out, but we were sure which cricket brand we wanted to play in. We’re going to look at form the World Cup squad as soon as possible. Whether it’s in the next series or the series after that is hard to say, but we definitely want to do that as soon as possible,” he added.

Speaking of Dinesh Karthik, Dravid said: “It was really nice to see Dinesh Karthik leave and do what he was really chosen. It opens up a lot more possibilities for us in the future. to knock on the door, but to knock on the door. And such an innings sure means he (Karthik) knocks really hard.”

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