IPL windfall for media rights expected, says Sourav Ganguly

When the Indian Premier League (IPL) kicked off in 2008, not many people thought the tournament would become one of the biggest success stories in cricket.

But 15 years later, it has developed into the second most valuable sports league in the world – and on Tuesday, India’s Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) confirmed its status as a cricketing giant earning Rs 48,390 crore through the IPL media rights for a period of five years commencing in 2023.

Amid such a windfall, BCCI chairman Sourav Ganguly stated that the board will ensure that the fan experience in the stadiums improves and that there are plans to host the tournament with more grandeur.

“We will definitely work on it and develop the general infrastructure for a better fan experience. Many new stadiums have been added and the infrastructure of cricket in this country is huge. We’ll redo a few stadiums a bit and bring back IPL next year with completely different extravaganza and fandom,” Ganguly said. sports star

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“The past two years have been hit by COVID and the most important thing is that despite COVID we managed to organize the tournament and this time we closed it with great hype in Kolkata and Ahmedabad…”

While the BCCI made it to the entire IPL group stage in Mumbai and Pune this year, the knockouts were held in Kolkata and Ahmedabad. While the board looks at a possible separate window for the Women’s IPL, another key goal is to keep the tournament in the ten venues. “It’s a great tournament and it will continue to thrive. But most importantly, the IPL should go back to a home-and-away format from next year,” Ganguly said.

During this year’s IPL there was a drastic drop in viewing figures, leaving many in the Council apprehensive about the new e-auction. However, Ganguly claims that the board of directors was always convinced that the media rights would be a huge success.

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“There was no fear. We’ve unbundled it to make sure everyone stays in the game. We expected this (windfall),” said Ganguly.

While Star India holds the television rights for Rs. 23,575 crores,
the Viacom 18-led combine harvester has been awarded the digital rights for the Indian subcontinent Rs. 23,758 crores. The rest of the world rights were divided between Viacom 18 and Times Internet Ltd. for a total amount of Rs. 1,057 million euros.

And Ganguly said they weren’t surprised that the digital rights were being sold at a higher rate. “That’s the way it is in the world. We all expected the digital rights to be big, and we’re not surprised at all. This sport is very healthy and there is no doubt about it,” added the BCCI chief.

When the IPL started 15 summers ago, Ganguly was among the ‘icon’ players, leading Kolkata Knight Riders. He didn’t think it would be such a big success at the time. But now that he’s at the helm of the board, he’s happy the tournament has come this far.

‘You don’t think that far yet. You take it by year and it’s about size. The most important thing is that it is the fans in this country who have made the competition so successful…”

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While he believes the board will ensure that the competition is more successful with a two-and-a-half-month run from next year, Ganguly also thanked his colleagues on the board for making this process a success.

“I congratulate the BCCI team and all my colleagues – Jay (Shah), Arun (Dhumal), Brijesh (Patel), Jayesh George and Mamon Majumdar for the hours they have spent making the auction process go smoothly,” said the former captain of India.

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