IPL Media Rights Tender, e-auction on June 12

IPL Media Rights Tender – IPL 2022: As previously reported by InsideSport The Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights tender is due out this week. According to reports coming in from the BCCI camp, the e-auction for the mega billion dollar tender will be held on June 12. Follow all IPL 2022 LIVE updates and IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE updates with InsideSport.IN

IPL Media Rights Tender to be released next week, BCCI expects the value of IPL Digital Rights to match the commercials of IPL LIVE broadcast packages

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IPL Media Rights Tender: E-AUCTION to be held on June 12, Tender to be released this week: Follow IPL 2022 LIVE UPDATES

IPL Media Rights Tender – According to information available from InsideSport, the tender will contain 4-5 packages of RIGHTS.

  • IPL Global Rights Television – Package A
  • IPL Digital Rights – GLOBAL – Package B
  • Rest of World Rights (both broadcast/digital) – Package C
  • Television Rights Subcontinent – ​​​​Package D
  • Digital Rights Subcontinent – ​​Package E

Interestingly, unlike the previous tender, BIDDERS will not have an option for SINGLE BID for both Television and Digital Rights this time.

The board has decided to separate the two media this time.

IPL Media Rights Tender to be released this week, BCCI expects the value of IPL Digital Rights to match the commercials of IPL LIVE broadcast packages

IPL Media Rights Tender – E-Auction IPL rights: The bidding process according to the BCCI will be completed in a period of 45-60 days. For the time being, June 12 is the provisional date to hold the E-Auction.

As previously reported, the BCCI has decided to hold an e-auction for the IPL Media Rights.

The most important development, however, is that according to an internal valuation, BCCI believes that the IPL Digital Rights value matches the IPL Broadcast Rights values ​​this time.

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E-Auction IPL Rights – Expectations IPL Media Rights – InsideSport has been informed that the BCCI has prepared an internal report on the valuation for IPL Rights Cycle 2023-27. According to the report prepared by KPMG, the IPL Digital Rights package will get close to 500%-600% of the last cycle this time.

The highest BID on the Digital Rights package in 2018 came from Facebook. The social media giant had bid 3,900 Crore for 5 years of Rights. Airtel was the next highest bidder for the category at 3280 Cr, followed by Reliance JIO.

The incumbent Star Sports offered just 1443 Cr for the DIGITAL Rights last time. They still managed to acquire the rights according to the highest total number (broadcast + digital and other categories).

InsideSport has been informed that BCCI’s internal valuation report has set the value of DIGITAL RIGHTS very high this time. The report suggests that DIGITAL RIGHTS alone should bring in more than 15,000-16,000 Crore this time.

This is 500% more than the latest CYCLE values.

IPL Media Rights Tender: value for the tender executed in 2018

“Technology has changed since the last bid. Digital and OTT subscription is a big game now. Every player in the market knows that IPL rights can determine anyone’s subscription. We feel the values ​​are very high this time. It can go 5-6 times. We are sure that several parties will be interested in the package”the top BCCI official told InsideSport.

IPL Media Rights Tender to be released next week, BCCI expects the value of IPL Digital Rights to match the commercials of IPL LIVE broadcast packages

IPL LIVE Streaming Rights vs IPL Broadcasting Rights: It is worth noting that in the ONGOING cycle of rights, Star Sports won the 5 year package for 16,347.5 Crore.

  • Insiders at BCCI believe that the total bid should be over 45,000 CR, which is 3 times the last total bid.
  • BCCI believes that digital rights should fetch a minimum of 5 times the LATEST values, i.e. in the range of 15 to 16,000 CR
  • Broadcast rights must go up at least 2.5 times

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