IPL Media Rights Tender: Disney Star Retains IPL Broadcast Rights: Follow E-Auction LIVE

IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE – IPL Rights E-Auction LIVE Updates: The IPL rights packages A and B have finally been sold. Packet C has also reached the level of 1813 Cr and bidding will now resume on Tuesday. Reliance Viacom has acquired the DIGITAL RIGHTS and Disney Star has retained the broadcasting rights to IPL 2023-27. BCCI’s total revenue has reached the level of 46,000 Crore and may rise further tomorrow: Follow all IPL Tender LIVE updates with InsideSport.IN

BCCI finally has a price of 44,075 Crore ($5.64 BN) for A+B packs. The digital bids were eventually closed at 50 Crore per match. While the broadcast rights reached 57.5 Crore.

This means that for the first time ever IPL will have two SEPARATE BROADCASTS.

DAY 2 Highlights: BCCI’s total profit so far stands at 46,000 CRORE

  • Viacom wins digital right for 20,500 crores. Digital is only 13% lower than broadcast values.
  • Indian Sub-Continent TV Rights: Disney Star reserves the right 23,575 crores
  • The package is sold for 44,075 crores.
  • Package C: Bidding has 1813 Crore . reaches
  • Package D: 3 of 5 Rest of World Territories SOLD
  • The auction starts Tuesday at 11 p.m.
  • BCCI’s total earnings are currently on 45.888 CRORE + Sale of Rest of World Territories (Commercials to be announced)

IPL Media Rights Tender: Disney Star retains the broadcasting rights of BCCI, Viacom BAGS IPL Digital, BCCI cross 46,000 Crore mark: Follow IPL E-Auction LIVE

Bids are closed at 44,075 Crore mark (USD 5.64 billion).

According to the latest information with InsideSport, Package A is sold for 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per game). Package B of digital rights for India went for 20,500 crore (50 Cr per match).

Total package A+B has BCCI 107.5 CR per race. But the BCCI confirms or gives official information about this.

According to the BCCI ‘NO ONE knows the names at this stage except the HIGHEST BIDDER himself’

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package SOLD for 57.5 CR
  • Package B – Digital IPL Rights SOLD for 50 CR
  • Package C – Currently at 18.5 Crore per match / Value at 1818 CR – In Progress
  • Pack D – 3 out of 5 Rest of World Territories sold.

IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL per match VALUE exceeds 100 Crore mark, EXCEEDs Premier League to…

IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE: Lalit Modi Makes BIG & GREAT PREDICTION on MEDIA Rights Values,…

IPL Media Rights Tender: Day 2 Bidding starts at 11am, BCCI is already 43,050 Crores richer: Follow IPL Tender LIVE UPDATES

DAY 2 begins

@15:00: Bidding for Package C starts

@14:45: PACKAGE B – Applies to 50 Crore per match / IPL to have separate LIVE Broadcast & LIVE Streaming Partners.

@13:34: Why is Package B going for REBIDS? According to the IPL tender, the winner of package A has been given the option to challenge the winner of digital rights, i.e. package B. The winner of the package will be given the same right to challenge package C. What does this mean?

  • First, the broadcast and digital rights winner is different
  • Second, now the Broadcast Winner also wants to acquire Digital Rights. The REBID starts at 2:00 PM.

@12:45: So BIG Question who won Package A and Package B? Market Speculation and Rumors claims – SONY has won the broadcast rights for the Indian subcontinent – but no official report so far or from the BCCI sources

  • To clarify, even BCCI officials can’t see who is BIDING. Only the BIDDER whose BID has been approved as the HIGHEST BID knows that he has won the BID.

@12:30: Winner of Package A has decided to challenge the Winner of Package B for the DIGITAL rights. REBIDING for Parcel will be done after 2pm.

11:55am: Technically, the winner of pack A can still challenge pack B Winner for the DIGITAL rights. In the event that he does the same, the REBID for Parcel will be done after 2:00 PM.

Bids are closed at 43,255 Crore mark (USD 5.5 billion). According to the latest information with InsideSport, Package A will be sold for 23,575 Cr (57.5 Cr per match) and Package B with digital rights for India for 19,680 Crore (48 Cr per match)

@11:30 AM: IPL rights SOLD for 43,050 CRORE

  • Package A – IPL Broadcast Rights Package SOLD for 57.5 CR
  • Package B – Digital IPL Rights SOLD for 48 CR
  • 10:45 am: These numbers will SHOCK advertisers – CHECK

Disney Star in IPL 2022 sold 10 Sec Spot for 14 LACS / At 43K Crore – SPOT will have to be sold at 40 LACS for Winner until BREAK-EVEN / 30 Sec Advertising SPOT over 1 CR – Crazy this is – Prepare for the WINNER CURSE

  • @10AM: Bidding starts at 11 – All bidders are going very strong in the RACE and no one willing to give up – Can anyone make money bidding, already past 43,000? † UNLIKELY

DAY 1 Ended with BIDDING in the phase below:

  • IPL value per match exceeds 100 Cr / is now rated higher than Premier League. Only NFL is more expensive than IPL rights
  • IPL Digital RIGHTS are at 48.04 Cr Per Match Value/Broadcast Rights for Indian Subcontinent at 57 Cr

BROADCASTING RIGHTS of the Indian Subcontinent: The primary fight is between Disney Star vs Sony Network vs Reliance Viacom18 for the

Digital rights India: ZEE is bidding on the digital rights and competing with Disney Hotstar & Reliance Jio (Viacom18).

IPL Media Rights Tender: BCCI Is Already 43,000 Crores Richer, Bidding Continues Monday: Follow IPL Tender LIVE UPDATES

  • @18:00: First DAY Bidding ENDS – DAY 2 resumes on Monday at 11am
  • @17:45: BID for DAY 1 Ends at 6:00 PM – BCCI is already 43,050 Crores richer / This means BID VALUE is already 2.5 times higher than LAST TIME & All bidders are still confused.
  • @17:15: IPL Per Match Value is more than sufficient for 100 CR – According to CURRENT BIDS: Package A is at 57 CRPackage B has 48.04 . already touched Crores per match. This means that now only digital rights are more than the LAST PRICE of the TOTAL IPL PACK.
  • @ 17:00: Only 1 hour left for the DAY – All bidders still in RACE, bids close to $5.5 billion
  • @16:45: The BID is currently at 43,000 crore – this is almost INR 7,000 crore more than the total base price of the full rights package.
  • @16:40: IPL The e-auction is unlikely to end today – the deadline for the DAY is 6:00 PM. With all BIDDERS still in the fray – E-Auction moved to Monday
  • @4:00 pm: Values ​​IPL Digital Rights Cross 19,000 Crore / IPL LIVE Broadcast Cross 23000 Crore – Total BID currently only for Indian subcontinental rights alone stands at nearly 42,000 Crore – All bidders are reportedly still confused
  • @15:30: Bidding restarts and the VALUE of IPL rights per match exceeds 100 Crore: CURRENTLY BIDING at 42,000 Crore
  • @14:00: In 1st HALF of IPL E AUCTION Bidding on the RIGHTS has exceeded 40,000 CR – That means IPL rights are already more than DOUBLE the current price
  • @13:30PM: IPL e-auction rights to resume at 15:30: All bidders still confused. ‘Numbers cannot be released’, says BCCI Official.
  • @12:41PM: 1st day auction continues until 6:00pm IST / The break is from 13:30 to 15:00
  • @12:30PM: ZEE likely won’t BID on PACKAGE A / Packet B&C is where Zee’s preferences lie, as previously reported by InsideSport. Sony Sports Network offers on behalf of Culver Max Entertainment Private Limited for PACKAGE A
  • @ 12:15 pm: Lalit Modi makes BIG & AWESOME PREDICTION – IPL rights will bring in more than $8 billion – says it could go as high as $10 billion
  • @11:55: At Bidders’ request, BCCI allows incremental BIDS to increase to any amount above 50 LACS. Interestingly enough, as interesting as the E-Auction MODULE is, none of the BCCI or BIDDERS knows who is OFFERING what? All that appears on their SCREENS is the LAST COMMANDED Amount.
  • First on the block is E-Auction for Package A & B – Simultaneous BIDS must be placed. 49 Crore base price for package A / 33 Crore for package B Let’s see who starts the bidding war. Bidders are bidding for 410 matches.
  • @ 11 AM: Bidding begins, Mjunction, the e-auction agency performs the bidding

IPL Media Rights Tender: See How E-Auction Works?

IPL Media Rights Tender – Bidder List

  • Package A – Indian Subcontinent Broadcast: Reliance Viacom18, Disney Star, Sony Network, Zee (probably bidding) – Bidding starts at 49 Crore, incremental BID – 50 LACS
  • Package B – Digital Indian Subcontinent: Reliance Viacom18 (Jio & Voot), Disney Star (Hotstar), Sony Network (SonyLIV), Zee (Zee5), Times Internet – Bidding starts at 33 Crore, Incremental BID – 50 LACS
  • Package CNot exclusive: Package C Grouping: 18 or more consisting of opening match; Double Header Night Games Playoffs – Incremental BID – 15 LACS
  • Package DRest of the world: SuperSport, FunAsia, Times Internet – Bidding starts at 3 Crore, Incremental BID – 10 LACS

IPL Media Rights Tender: Major Setback for BCCI, Amazon & Google Withdraws, Star, Sony, Viacom, Times SUBMIT TECH BIDS: Follow LIVE UPDATES

InsideSport has been informed from its sources that although ZEE has submitted their technical BID but will not BID on PACKAGE A. Their merger with Sony is imminent, they are unlikely to play SPOIL-SPORT for their own partner.

“Why would ZEE bid? They will compete with their own partner SONY with whom they will soon merge. No, they will not bid in the RACE”, said a source close to ZEE promoters.

The bids were TECHNICALLY reviewed by the BCCI Legal and Financial Committee team.

The bidders who have technically qualified will advance to the BIDING ROUND being held today.

IPL Media Rights Tender: Major Setback for BCCI, Amazon & Google Withdraws, Star, Sony, Viacom, Times SUBMIT TECH BIDS: Follow LIVE UPDATES

IPL Media Rights Tender: Major setback for BCCI, Amazon withdraws from IPL Media Rights race: REPORT – Follow LIVE UPDATES

  • Package A consists solely of TV rights for the Indian subcontinent only.
  • Package B focuses only on digital rights and exclusively for the Indian subcontinent.
  • Package C includes digital rights to a special bouquet of matches, including the playoffs, only for the Indian subcontinent – NON-EXCLUSIVE package
  • Package Dwhich includes rights for the rest of the world for both TV and digital, is divided into two subcategories: combined ROW or five separate regions.
  1. Which matches does Package C consist of?
  • Package C includes: ‘Special Package’ matches. The number of matches in this package, according to the IPL, will vary depending on the total number of matches in the season.
  • If the IPL contains 74 matches (such as IPL 2022), the special package has 18 matches.
  • If there are more than 74 games in a season, the special pack’s games will increase in increments of two for every additional 10 games.
  • Why it’s a SPECIAL PACK because it’s a NON-EXCLUSIVE Package.
  1. How does the bidding process work?

Each of the four packages has a separate base price per match.

Bidders must provide an amount that is at least the cumulative base price amount (74 x base price for each package). The highest bidder gets the rights for individual packages.

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