IPL Media Rights Tender Base Price, Bidders, Rules, E-auction: Follow LIVE

Procurement of IPL media rights – IPL media rights for e-auction: The D-DAY of the IPL Media Rights auction is now just 6 days away. The BCCI will lead the e-auction to identify the new broadcast and digital rights partner for IPL for the next 5 years. The E-Auction will take place on June 12. BCCI expects 50,000 Crore plus revenue from the auction: Follow IPL Media Rights Tender LIVE updates and Indian cricket LIVE updates with InsideSport.IN

“We are convinced that IPL Media Rights will set a new benchmark for the sports industry. Don’t want to predict any number. But the BCCI is confident it will be a record number.” BCCI’s treasurer Arun Dhummal told InsideSport.

IPL Media Rights Tender: Everything you want to know about e-Auction of IPL Media Rights, Rules, Base Price, Bidders and Expected WINDFALL for BCCI: Follow LIVE UPDATES

How will the auction proceed? BCCI will not accept a physical offer from the interested parties. The IPL Media Rights Auction will be held via an e-auction conducted by M-Junction.

How does the E-Auction work? The bidders will start with the same BASE PRICE and in a PRE-DECIDED order in Round 1.

Bidders will be bidding from their own premises and will only be able to see the HIGHEST BID on their respective screens. The names of the BIDDER WILL NOT FLASH ON THE SCREENS.

Bidders have 30 minutes to COUNT and increase the BID. If no one raises the BID within 30 minutes, the HIGHEST BIDING PARTY gets the RIGHTS.

How long does the E-Auction last? The e-auction will start on June 12, but can continue for an unlimited number of days. The auction will continue until the HIGHEST BID and the BIDDER has not been realized.

The auction only ends if the other parties are not ready to increase the BID for 30 MINUTES.

It’s worth noting that BCCI’s International Home Matches Media Rights auction was held in the same format. The auction lasted 3 days.

Who are the POTENTILE bidders for IPL media rights? Nearly a dozen parties have opted for the IPL Media Rights Tender. Of them, only 3-4 serious players will be in the fray.

Aside from domestic players like Disney Star, Sony Network, Viacom Reliance, Zee Entertaiment, trillion dollar tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Google have raised bid documents.

IPL Media Rights Bidder in RACE

  • Amazon
  • Disney star
  • Trust Viacom Sports18
  • Zee Entertainment Enterprises
  • Sony Pictures Network
  • Dream Sports Inc
  • Alphabet Inc (Google)
  • SuperSport, South Africa

What value can IPL Media Rights BID achieve? The Indian Premier League and BCCI are poised to set a BIG RECORD. According to industry estimates, the IPL Per Match value in the e-auction will easily exceed 100 Crore.

And when that happens, IPL will become the world’s second most expensive sports facility. IPL will overtake Premier League, Major League Baseball in Per Match Value:

The last time BCCI sold the IPL Media rights, it received more than Rs 16,000 Crore. This time, the BCCI expects double that amount.

Will IPL Cross 100 Crore Per Match? The incumbent, Star India, acquired IPL media rights for Rs 16,348 crore for the period 2018-22.

For the period 2023-27, the BCCI has set the base price at Rs 32,890 crore.

The base price for TV rights is Rs 49 crore per match. The base price for digital rights is Rs 33 crore per match.

“The TV price per match may not increase more than 20-25%. But the big increase comes from the Digital Rights package. Taken together, according to our estimates, the values ​​can hit 115-120 Cr per match”, said Sports Media Rights veteran and CEO of Sporty Solutionz Ashish Chadha

IPL Media Rights Tender: IPL per match value poised to exceed 100 Crore, ‘will overtake Premier League to become world’s No. 2 most expensive sporting property’

REMARK: In the CHART above, the quoted IPL value per match is 8.5 MN. It is according to the dollar exchange rate in 2018. According to the dollar exchange rate today, the IPL value per match is 6.9 million N (54 crore per match)

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