IPL 2022: Rohit says having two DRS is a ‘good rule’

Captain Rohit Sharma of the Mumbai Indians welcomed the decision of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to allow an additional appeal to the Decision Review System (DRS) for the Indian Premier League (IPL) from this year.

Under the new rules, each team will receive one additional DRS rating per inning – bringing the total rating appeal to two per innings. “Having two DRS is also a good rule because the fewer mistakes in the game, the better it is. In international cricket we play with two DRS so it should be there in the IPL. I think it’s a good move to bring two DRS into the IPL,” Rohit said in a media interview on Wednesday.

A few weeks ago, the Marylebone Cricket Club made some changes to the Code of Laws governing the international game. In the case of a captivity swipe, the player who comes to bat shall take a batting turn whether or not the batter had walked to the other end when the flyout was taken, unless it is the end of the over.

Likewise, if a bowler tries to run the batter out before entering his bowling pass, the ball will be a dead ball and not a no-ball as previously stated.


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“Look, that (Mankading) has become legal, so batters will have to pay more attention to, when to come out of the fold and when not to, so it’s very simple, the rules have come and we have to follow them,” Rohit said .

“Second I think it’s a good rule, the new batter has to face (the ball) when the batsman comes out, it’s important that a bowler bowls in a good rhythm and he gets a wicket, a new batter stands in front of him, especially when he lashes out. It’s a good opportunity for the opposition to keep up the pressure,” Rohit said.

While Rohit stressed that the new recruits should be given a specific role, head coach Mahela Jayawardane is looking forward to an exciting season.

“I think we faced the same situation after the auction in 2018, we managed to keep our core group, which is quite essential for us, and also add some exciting players, international players, who think they are crucial for us going forward, so the challenge is to get them to identify their roles, responsibilities within the group, how we want to play this season…” said Jayawardene.

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“So the whole point of keeping a core group is that the responsibilities are with them and they have understood that they have managed that brilliantly over the years both on and off the pitch so nothing changes for guys like Rohit, Polly (Pollard), Bumrah, and now with Ishan and Surya. They will do most of the work, take these guys to that level of play and make them calmer, much more comfortable, creating that environment on and off the pitch, that’s what we’re aiming for,” the head coach said. is what we’ve done in the past and I’m looking forward to this season with that challenge…”

He also praised the young recruit Dewald Brewis. “We are not ready yet (the top order), it is too early for us to give that information. But very excited to see him (Brewis) in the nets, he is a very committed young man and he is very eager to learn which is a good sign to see,” said Jayawardane.

Mumbai Indians begin their campaign against Delhi Capitals on Sunday.

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