IPL 2022: No “added benefit” from playing in Mumbai, says Rohit Sharma

The Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma said on Wednesday that they will have no “added benefit” from playing their IPL matches at the city’s three grounds, as many in the “relatively new team” have not been able to play for the past two years. played a few games. The IPL-15 kicks off on Saturday at Wankhede Stadium with a clash between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. “Hope you saw the auction, relatively new team, a lot of new guys have come on the team so I don’t believe in added advantage because these guys, like a lot of the guys 70 (or) 80 percent of the squad have not played in Bombay before,” Rohit said at a virtual press conference.

“So there is no such thing as an added advantage,” added the five-time IPL winning captain.

The competition phase of the IPL is held in Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai has played their home games at Wankhede Stadium since the tournament started in 2008.

“Only myself, Surya (Suryakumar Yadav), (Kieron) Pollard, Ishan (Kishan), (Jasprit) Bumrah have played a lot in Bombay. Others have not played so there is no such thing as an added advantage,” he repeated.

“After two years we are all playing in Bombay, we haven’t played a single game in Mumbai, in fact the other franchises played in Bombay last year, we haven’t been able to play so no advantage,” Rohit insisted.

Suryakumar joins after approval

Rohit also said batter Suryakumar is still in rehab at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru and would join the team after getting clearance there.

“Surya is currently with NCA, he is recovering well, he will be here shortly and I can’t give you his availability right now whether he will be available for the first game or not, but we are trying to get him as soon as possible, once we get NBA approval,” Rohit said.

Rohit also made it clear that he and Ishan Kishan would open the battle for the five-time champion.

“I’ll open the at bat. (I’ve done that in the past, so I’m looking forward to opening (the trick) with Ishan (Kishan),” he said.

Welcomes additional DRS

Rohit welcomed the move to have two DRS per inning in the coming season.

“Look, that (Mankading) has become legal, so batters have to be more careful, when they come out of the fold and when they don’t, so it’s very simple, the rules have come and we have to follow them.

“Second I think it’s a good rule, the new batsman has to watch (the ball) when the batsman comes out, it’s important that a bowler bowls in a good rhythm and he gets a wicket, a new batter faces him, especially when he lashes out.

“It’s a great opportunity for the opposition to keep up the pressure.” He added: “And having two DRS is also a good rule because the fewer mistakes in the game the better it is. In international cricket we play with two DRS so it should be there in the IPL , so I think it’s a good move to bring two DRS through the IPL,” said Rohit.

Since the IPL is a 10-team affair this time around, the franchises will play a different format, but Rohit claimed nothing will change for the team in terms of scheduling.

“It’s a format that we played in 2011. To be honest, nothing really changes in terms of schedule. You have to play against the opponent – some you only play once or twice.

“There aren’t too many changes we have to make, it’s just that you only play against certain teams once, so you have to be prepared because there is no return. You have to plan well against those guys, make sure you bases are covered,” he signed off.

Meanwhile, head coach Mahela Jayawardene praised MI’s young recruit, Dewald Brewis.

“We’re not done yet (highest order), it’s too early for us to give that information. But very excited to see him (Brewis) in the nets, he’s a very committed young man and he’s very eager to learn and that’s a good sign to see,” Jayawardane said.

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