IPL 2022 – Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and who? Daniel Vettori and Piyush Chawla choose India’s attack

Shami now has the most combined wickets in the power play in IPL 2022, and he even threw a limitless 20th to take the wicket from MS Dhoni. Shami is joint fourth on the wicket-takers list, with 11 of his 18 wickets in power play. However, it is his maturity at death that impressed the experts.

“This is one of the best seasons for Shami,” Chawla said. “Because we’ve seen him before that he generally bowls well with the new ball and by the time he comes bowling in the death overs he’s going for a lot of runs. But this season he’s been working on it and he’s bowled well too in the death overs. We all know he can bowl very well with the new ball. The only problem was in the death overs. But this year he has shown that he has clear plans for death overs, and he has executed them plans beautifully.”

Vettori would have Shami even without that improvement in bowling. “It shows that Test match bowling works for the first kind of 16 overs of a T20 game,” Vettori said. “He normally relies on heavy lengths and a little seam movement. We discussed how” [Mohammed] Siraj has lost the ability of seam movement due to his seam position. Shami’s seam position is impeccable.

“This is what all young fast bowlers should be looking at. His release and his ability to hit a consistent area and then let the ball do the work. He doesn’t ask too much of the ball. He doesn’t try too far to swing “He just goes so far. And the improvement and maturity we’re talking about in death bowling. While in the past Shami could be hit or miss like Umesh Yadav. But now he has really strong plans and is backing himself to hit that Yorker. †

Both Chawla and Vettori had Shami in their first India XI but disagreed on the third fast.

“If You’re Talking About It” [Shami’s] current form, he certainly looks like one of them [three picks for an India pace attack]Chawla said. “He’s got pace, he’s got that seam movement, the seam position and wrist position is so amazing that even when there’s nothing on the court he gets something out of it. Definitely, the way he bowls should be one of the favourites.”

Vettori wouldn’t even cast Shami at death, but would let Bumrah and Harshal do the work. “I think Bumrah and Harshal Patel should be on the team because of their death bowling,” Vettori said. “What they bring to the table. Harshal can bowl through those mid-stages. The third sailor is hard to pick, but Shami may be clearing because of his ability to take wickets in the power play, bowl aggressively through the mid-stages and with the back end provided by Bumrah and Harshal.”

For Chawla, the difficult choice is between Harshal and Arshdeep. He praised the fast left arm of the Punjab Kings. “For me, I think I still have to choose between Harshal and Arshdeep,” Chawla said. “The way Arshdeep has bowled this tournament. He was just excellent at death. He’s someone who doesn’t use a lot of new ball. There would definitely be a choice between Harshal and Arshdeep, and Bumrah and Shami. The power play is really important, and it’s important to pick up wickets. Gujarat Titans have picked wickets in the power play, and it shows in the points table.”

Of the 23 bowlers who bowled at least eight overs on death during this IPL, Arshdeep has the best economy percentage of 7.14, over 14 overs. Bumrah is second with 7.46 in 14.2 overs. Harshal has gone at 9.46 one over but has picked up more wickets than Arshdeep and Bumrah.

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