Google Sheets Launches Intelligent Corrections

Google Sheets Launches Intelligent Corrections To Detect Flaws And Suggest Right Formulas.

On Google Sheets, whenever users will insert a formula that contains a flaw, it will display a suggestion with the new and improved version of the formula.

Google Sheets, one of the many Workspace tools offered by the company is getting a new tool. The tool will let users write formulas in a better manner. Called Intelligent Corrections, the new Google Sheets tool will help detect flaws in users’ formulas and suggest a fix. Keep reading to know more about the Google sheets update, its availability, and rollout pace.

In the official blog post, Google says that it launched formula suggestions in Sheets last year. The feature recommends formulas for specific cells based on the data being analyzed by the user. With Intelligent Corrections, users will be able to “write formulas faster and with higher confidence with formula corrections.” Essentially, the update brings context-aware corrections that will help users improve and troubleshoot many different types of formulas.

Intelligent Corrections will detect flaws and suggest improved formulas:

Going forward, whenever users will insert a formula that contains a flaw, it will display a suggestion with the new and improved version of the formula that will replace the current formula. Users will have the ability to accept this suggestion or reject it. In the blog post, Google mentions some examples of formulas that can be fixed by the feature including VLOOKUP errors, missing cells in range input, and locking ranges when applying formulas across cells.

In an example, Google also shows how the feature works. A short animation on the website displays how the Intelligent Corrections feature helps a user when writing VLOOKUP functions, which only return values to the right of the matched cell. The correction suggests a combination of INDEC and MATCH functions to reverse the column order in the formula. Similarly, the feature will also be able to help users with other formulas.

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The Intelligent Corrections feature for Google Workspace users will be available by default and can be disabled by going to Tools > Enable formula corrections or from the three-dot menu of the suggestion dialogue box. As far as the release of the feature is concerned, Google is following an extended rollout approach wherein the feature will take more than 15 days to reach all the users, from April 14, 2022. Stay tuned for more tech news.

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