“Case of looking at schedules”: Ben Stokes on him playing in IPL in the future

England Test captain Ben Stokes is one of the most sought after players in world cricket. Everyone knows what he can do on his day, and that’s the main reason, he has attracted high bids when he put himself in the IPL auction. However, Stokes decided to miss the IPL 2022 to take care of his workload and give his best for England. Last year, the left-handed batter had only played one game in the tournament for Rajasthan Royals before being injured, and later in 2021 he took a break from cricket to look after his mental well-being.

Stokes has now admitted that his decision to play in overseas competitions would be based on the international cricket schedule as Test cricket is at the forefront of his mind.

“As English cricketers our schedule is packed and we seem to be playing all year round. I think our summer is everyone’s winter and when our winter comes it’s everyone’s summer. So people come here to play or we are touring to play cricket it’s a matter of looking at schedules looking ahead at what we are going to do but as i have made very clear test cricket is at the forefront of my mind and all my time decisions will be based on practice matches Now that I’m the captain, I have a responsibility to do that,” Stokes said during a select media appeal hosted by Prime Video, which will stream Stokes’ documentary ‘Ben Stokes: Phoenix From The Ashes’ starting August 26.

“So yes, my bet outside of any international cricket will be based on our schedule and what international cricket we have, but you know, I’ve played in the IPL for four years. I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve been there. It’s a great league to be a part of not only because of the spectacle of the IPL but also for the chance to team up with the best players in the world and some of the best coaches it’s just an amazing experience to be a part of but as I said, there is a scheme to look at around the window of the IPL,” he added.

Stokes was in charge of the England Test team earlier this year. Together with head coach Brendon McCullum, England have redefined how they want to play their test cricket, and the word ‘Bazball’ has now become the talk of the town. However, both Stokes and McCullum have said they are not very fond of the term. Under Stokes and McCullum, England have won four Tests and lost one.

“It’s been fantastic. One of the most important jobs for me and Baz is to make sure Bazball isn’t said to be what our cricket is. Whoever coined that term, just to let him know that me and Brendon don’t like But it was an incredible start for me and Baz, we won our first four games but the most enjoyable thing for me is how we handled our cricket and the mentality we could have lost all four of those games but if we could have lost all four had lost the games we would still think very positively about the way we played because we know people came to see us play,” said Stokes.

“People who came to see us play would have enjoyed those matches every day and that’s something I’ve tried to bring in, to take the pressure off international cricket. When you think of pressure, you forget it.” at the end a bit of the day we are kind of entertainment business people come to watch us play because we are at the highest level of our sport and sport is entertainment go out and entertain people for five days before each session who have you in the day. If we play cricket well, we give ourselves a good chance of winning, if we play badly, we are going to lose. It’s pretty easy, but just go out, enjoy and have fun,” he signed off.

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