15 Australian Players Offered $500,000 To Skip BBL For UAE League: Report

The International League (ILT20) in the UAE has reportedly offered 15 top Australian players as many as AUD 700,000 deals to ditch the Big Bash League (BBL), whose dates overlap, causing significant tensions in the ranks of Cricket Australia (CA) ). The Big Bash League will be played between December 13 and February 4, while the first edition of ILT20 is scheduled to run from January 6 to February 12, making it virtually impossible for Australian players to participate in both tournaments.

According to a report in Sydney Morning Herald, “as many as 15 Australian players have been awarded contracts worth up to AUD 700,000 per year to leave the Big Bash League and play in the UAE Twenty20 tournament in January.” Most Australian top players are not required to play BBL under their existing central contract, and Warner has not played any edition since 2014.

The BBL’s highest payment to date from the draft was $258,000 (AUD 370,000) from D’arcy Short and the money paid to mark Australian players in IPL has been significantly lower.

But with Indian IPL owners investing in UAE and CSA T20 competitions, the BBL will have to revamp its compensation structure to keep the best in the business interested.

According to Australian newspapers ‘The Age’ and ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ by senior cricket sources, “the scale of the attempted raid on Australian players goes far beyond the threat of losing one player – David Warner – to the UAE because he doesn’t have a BBL deal.” The paper also revealed: “The UAE’s contract sizes so far exceeding what is offered in the BBL have put pressure on Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association to reassure players that they are not lagging behind the rest of the season. world by staying true to the game in this country.” However, the scholar CA wants to maintain BBL’s brilliance and quality and is eager to sign a lucrative one-time deal with Warner, which will prevent him from taking up the ILT20 offering.

“While CA is in talks with Warner about finding a way to get him back into the BBL this summer, Nick Hockley, the executive director of the governing body and his players’ union counterpart, Todd Greenberg, have received numerous calls from players about the offers,” continues SMH. reported.

Greenberg believes that Australian players are not “mercenaries” and would ultimately make an informed and mature decision.

“They really have a sense of concern for the game – if they didn’t, they’d be mercenaries and take what’s in front of them.

“But they’re not, they’re basically taking this with a mature, considered approach and trying to be part of the solution. This comes down to building trust with your own players and the relationships you develop with them,” said Greenberg.

But he didn’t forget to mention that CA needs to do something about the salary cap.

“I know CA has to abide by the pay cap principles for every player and that includes Dave (warning),” said Greenberg.

“But obviously they have to try and make the best offer they can to keep him here. It’s a balance between trying to make sure you attract your best players and there’s some equity in the system and the model so that all of them have the opportunity to play and are compensated accordingly.”

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